Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From Macau to Hong Kong to China and into the lions mouth

For those of you not familiar with our travels, Amanda and I are traveling to China with our final destination to be Jiuzhaigou National Park in the Northern part of Sichuan province. If you are familiar with the General Tso's Chinese Chicken Theory then you no doubt know that Jiuzhaigou is at the intersection of the Sour Wing and the Sweet Breast, aka the saucy armpit of the great chinese chicken. If you are not familiar with General Tso's Chinese Chicken Theory then Jiuzhaigou is up the crick from Chengdu which is where we are currently. Where crick is Sichuanese for road, and the road is very long.
Updating a blog is a very difficult thing to do in China and takes a lot of practice to get right therefore my posts will likely be a bit slower to get out but hopefully a bit longer each time so that eventually they are the length of a short novel. I didn't know how much work went into updating these damn things it's almost a part time job. Anyway watch for the following posts:

I dream of Hanoi

There and Back again, a Water Puppets Tale
Yes Billy there really is a Disney Land in China

P.S. I will actually be trying to finish the tale of Vietnam and fill in the details of the rest of our travels.

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  1. Expect lots of Puppetry dear friend! Ya pulling your hair out yet and going bald? LOL!