Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snow Falling on Pine Trees... and Shrubs

Amanda and I recently decided to take a trip up to Song Pan (Song Pon) which is approximately 100 km away from the Park entrance where we are staying. I know that I have just used kilometers as a unit of measure and it hurts me every time that I say it but it is too difficult or maybe I am just to lazy to look up the conversion app from miles to Kilometers (ouch). It is approximately 60 miles in case any of you have not afforded yourself the luxury of a unit conversion app on your mobile. Any how we made this trip in order to see some of the country side and scout for places to possibly mountain bike. Also we decided to spruce up the sun room with some new cushions. This is of course because it is currently the only room in the house that we get internet access and doubly it is also the warmest.
After a bout of rain over the last few days which has resulted in even more snow on the mountains we decided to brave the winter conditions and go over the pass which is the headwaters of the Minjiang river a tributary to the Yangtze river. On the way up it was a beautiful drive along twisty roads with a little bit of cloud break. However along the way we were met with this:

The long arm of the Law, or maybe just a representation of it.

Not being deterred from going further we continued up the pass to come out to this:

A beautiful mountain scene complete with snow.
Of course life on the Plateau isn't all beauty occasionally you have to deal with guys like this:

I don't know what that thing on the back of that Lorrie is.
Or these guys who are more prevalent:

They have a tendency to rely heavily on the middle of the lane.
or perhaps this guy:

The local Federally or maybe just a guy in a cowboy hat and a safety vest.
Any way you look at it, it was a nice day which as it went along the weather got better... in places:

Perhaps a little blue sky peaking out there or just another sucker hole.

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