Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hermes 10 miler

Hi Everyone! I did my first ever 10 mile race today. A woman I know had entered and couldn't race, so she gave me her entry (that's why my number says Meghan on it). I finished in 1 hr 48 minutes, which comes out to 10 min 50 sec miles, but I stopped to go to the bathroom and that took 3 minutes, so I think that my real pace was closer to 10 min 30 sec. I'm super excited. One of the highlights of the race was seeing a woman running with her 6 month old in a stroller. Turns out she is an ob/gyn and was really supportive of me being out there running. The picture is of my friend, Lilli, and me at the finish. Lilli has type 1 diabetes and is training for the Cleveland marathon next month. She finished at a pace of something like 8.5 min miles.

amanda :)

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