Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obamunism: The next few days will represent a big Change

Over the next few days several changes will take place in my little world, mainly that on friday the wife and I will be on an airplane bound for Hong Kong. Right now the airplane is scheduled to be a Boeing 747-400 which is a few feet shorter than the one in the pictures I posted the other day. As cramped as it may be I suspect that I will have just enough leg room to fall asleep for 2-3 hours of a 9+ hour flight. When I rub the weariness out of my eyes I will still act surprised when I look over skyscrapers of downtown Hong Kong.
The plan as it stands now will be to spend a day in Hong Kong (HK) adjusting to the time change and then off to Ho Chi Minh. We will then be traveling north to Hanoi and taking pictures and maybe even posting them. Afterwards we will return to HK and spend a few days, wherein we will take a day trip to Macau (spellcheck). Finally we will fly to Cheng du, Sichuan Province, and eventually to Juizhaigou (Spellcheck).
This obviously has nothing to do with Obamunism it's just a funny word that I heard yesterday and have wanted to work it into something.

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