Wednesday, May 19, 2010


People have been asking about pictures and so I wanted to give you some links to them. We are uploading "things you see on the highway" and wedding photos to in the "jpg" folder. If that doesn't exist anymore it means we've gotten around to fixing it and it will involve "Chongqing" in the corrected title. Another folder or two in the same webpage will have photos from Vietnam. Photos from the bike races, Aaron and Nicole's visit, mountain biking in JNP area, and orphanage landscaping are in a variety of folders at Please check them out!

Wait a couple hours after I post this (6:17 am EDT) to look at the photos because the photos are still uploading.

Thursday morning update: The photos are finally updated. The jpg folder is now 2010-05 Chongqing and the Vietnam ones are 2010-03 Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon and 2010-03 Hanoi.

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