Thursday, May 27, 2010

What is it? Part One

I have decided to try and document some of the interesting things that I see and find out if anyone else can tell me what it is. Much like the question of whether a pine cone is a flower or not I will post a picture of something and pose the question "What is it?"
A few weeks ago Amanda and I were surprised to see that a hole was being dug outside of our apartment building. As it evolved the hole got deeper and it eventually turned into a cement hole in the ground. As it took shape a giant metal contraption was placed in the hole with a couple hydraulic rams to lift it out. We were confused about what it was until we saw one in action somewhere else. The picture below is the thing in its below ground phase.

Good luck!


  1. Underground storage shed for the lawnmower?

  2. An underground garage perhaps? Either that or a trash compactor.