Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Upcoming trip

We're meeting Liz, an Oberlin undergrad, and Brian, a UW post doc, tonight for a 3 week whirlwind field trip road trip. We're headed to Yangjuan (www.coolmountainfund.com) first, where we will spend 10 days working on a river restoration plan and continuing ongoing geomorphic research. Then we're off to Zhongdian where we get to visit my friend Michelle (from UW Madison) and see if there are comparison sites there, and then head up to Daocheng where Travis (from CU Boulder) is studying tourism. He thinks there is a good chance that Daocheng would be a good comparison site to Jiuzhaigou. Finally we'll head back to Chengdu then take Brian and Liz up to Jiuzhaigou for 2 days or so.

Here's our route:

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We'll not have much internet access except through our phones, but hopefully will be able to post short updates via email. Once we get to Zhongdian there will be regular internet again.

amanda :)

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