Monday, June 7, 2010

What is it or (something)?

Sorry for the delay in responding as to my query of "what is it from last week". While there were some very good answers that were quite clever, they were all wrong, Ok not all of them were wrong but this is my blog so I can decide what's right and what's not. In any case it turns out that the device in question is in fact a below ground dumpster (Not Dempster, sorry). In fact at some time in the near future we may even get to use it as a dumpster as recently a sign was put up on it. What did the sign say I don't know because I don't read Chinese, but if I did I'm sure that I would be enthralled at the poetic nature that was used to describe how to remove the trash from the dumpster something that I have actually yet to find out.
That being aside let us get on to our next pondering. Living in China has allowed me to see things that are not common in other parts of the world. For instance trees growing in the middle of the road, walls jutting out into the middle of the road and of course three or four lane highways where there are stripes for only two. These things all follow a theme, that theme of is of course, roads. There are many interesting things to see on the roads of China and as I'm sure there are plenty of strange things to see on roads in many parts of the world I am currently in China and this will have to suffice. That is why I am pleased to present you with not one but two images for your optical delight. Much like the vast array of reality television shows that once they run out of ideas to challenge their contestants I have decided to change the rules slightly. Don't worry they haven't changed much. As usual the correct answer will receive...nothing. As I have nothing to give you shall receive nothing unless of course you count the adulation and respect of your fellow colleagues, family, and  pets for such a prestigious honor of knowing something that they don't.

How many trucks are in the picture? and for you uber-nerdy types out there where is the center of gravity of the mass on this stretch of Public highway?

What's wrong with this picture? There are so many can you name them all.

finally I thought I would throw one last one in, and it is an actual "what is it"?

Bonus points for the lazy people that go to the Ikea catalog and look up the name on the tag.

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