Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some things we bought

We got a few calligraphies, a painting, a down skirt, and down pants as we are leaving chengdu. Below are some photos of them. I have decided to spare you from the photos of Josh's hurt hand, but if you ask nicely, I could post them. :)

The calligraphy with 4 characters says "Sichuan dog barks at the sun". The one with two is the name of the former Oberlin primary school in Shanxi province and says "Service for Education" (I think.. it's some complex characters about being a good person and serving others). It's for my office.  The cherry blossoms were an impulse purchase, but we really like them.

I am currently wearing the skirt over my jeans (horror!) and am very happy for the extra warmth.

a :)

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