Thursday, December 23, 2010

sometimes I take the hit

What is the preverbial hit that I took for the team you ask? Well as usual during dinner with a Chinese party liner who insists that we eat what he orders I enjoyed a type of food that I thought I would never try. You see what happens when we go out for these dinners is that Amanda does not mention that she is a vegetarian and so the host orders what he thinks everyone will like. Now I have been known to be somewhat gastronomically experimental at times, hey I've tried raw oysters without hot sauce and a chaser. Ok that is not that experimental but I have had the tongue of a duck which is the part of a duck that I would rather not be in mouth to mouth contact with. Anyhow in my current case it was something that tasted like chicken but had the consistency of fish. If you are familiar with Western Chinese cuisine then you would know that what I was eating were frogs. Or toads. I don't really know the difference well enough when they are sitting in a soup bowl.
This is the second time that we have been hosted by this particular guy to dinner and while I have found it interesting the first time resulted in me eating turtles, yet another creature that does not belong on my personal plate. While I can honestly say that I did try both of them and that the overall flavors were not such that I was revolted I don't think that it is something that I would pursue on a regular basis. That is to say that once is enough for me and since I can safely say that I have eaten more than one frog I am now an expert at how to extract what little meat there is from their pathetic little bodies.
Getting back to Amanda's vegetarianism my thought is that she should feel extremely lucky to have a husband that is willing to eat the weird stuff and meat that gets ordered for her and that she sudtlely hides under the rice in her bowl. Our close friends know that she is a veg and all the meat usually gets thrown to my plate, which I don't mind that much. However is it so much to ask that I get a little  thanks now and again for having to gastronomically sacrifice for her benefit. I mean I am taking the hit in the stomach by distracting our host from the fact that she is picking the vegetables out from under the la roe (piggy).

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