Monday, September 20, 2010

10 reasons to take Nuun on your upcoming trip to a developing country

Josh and I managed to squeeze a lovely interval ride in in between rain storms. Fall has arrived and it is cool and rainy here. Cool enough for hot chocolate as a post lunch drink.  While riding and enjoying my Nuun, we started thinking of the things that we like Nuun for, here in Jiuzhaigou (and in general), other than the obvious - that it is a good sports drink. In no particular order:

1) It makes the local, alkaline water taste better
2) It covers up the boiled water taste when traveling
3) It is almost as good in tea form as cold
4) It tastes better than all local sports drinks
5) It is great for rehydrating when you have traveler's sickness
6) Looks good on the front end of a Sampan in Vietnam
7) Tastes better than most local "juices"
8) Probably could cover up the taste of the horrid mint water
9) Helps keep one hydrated when stupidly hiking the Great Wall in July
10) The bottles are great for storing pills when traveling or spices at home


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