Sunday, September 26, 2010

Repeat Photography project

Josh and I have been working on a bit of a side project with repeat photography recently. Since we did a bunch of this last week and you don't need to hear me whine about how it went from being "hot in shorts and t-shirt" to "cold in a fleece and jeans with a beanie on" weather in the span of 5 days (and the mid-autumn festival was in the middle, how appropriate), I thought I'd post some of the pairs of photos. Josh and I took the 2010 photos. 1990 photos are by Daniel Winkler or from a book called Dreams of Jiuzhaigou. 2010 is on the bottom and 1990s on top in all pairs.


Shuzheng Mills; 2010 (bottom) by Amanda, 1990s (top) from the Dreams of Jiuzhaigou book

Pearl Shoals, far right hand side (notice the walkway in the left hand picture). 2010 by Josh (bottom), 1990s by Daniel Winkler (top)

Sorry. I can't get the 2010 photo to rotate, I don't know why. You'll just have to turn your head. In any case, this is Long Lake. 2010 (bottom) by Josh, 1990s (top) from the Dreams of Jiuzhaigou book

Jianpan and Panya villages as seen from the trail to Yala village. This is probably the biggest difference since it was a farming area that now is waist high regrowth (even more obvious in later photos). On the top is 1990s photo by Daniel Winkler. On the bottom is a 2007 photo that I took. I would like to get a more recent photo to show more regrowth and the change in the villages.


amanda :)

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