Friday, September 17, 2010

An ode to Taiwanese desserts

I love Taiwanese desserts. They are awesome. Bubble tea, shaved
flavored ice, crushed ice with toppings, smoothies, milkshakes... All
around very awesome in miserable Chengdu summer heat. Below is a
picture of one of our favorites: peanut xuehua 雪花冰 ice with peanuts
and chocolate on top. The xuehua is snow flower. I was told that these
are snow like smooth desserts. In contrast, baobing 宝冰 or treasure
ice focuses on the chunky toppings, including jam, fruit, red beans,
jello, and other neon colored things. Also delicious, but the snow one
is really a treat. It is not so commonly available, so we enjoy it
when we get it.

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