Sunday, September 5, 2010

Things I learned tonight

First off, I went on a fabulous, rainy ride today. No one got hurt.
Secondly, the injured guy from yesterday was flown to hk today to get
care at Adventist. Which is a fabulous hospital.

Now, things I learned at dinner:

1) even if your flatmate is driving you crazy, it is better to have
company for dinne than not.

2) cold noodles are an ok, but not great banfan sub at the Korean
restaurant, but taste better when noodles weren't lunch as well.

3) your bugbites are bad when the pharmacists look shocked at them and
discuss how many you have.

4) you have had too many milkshakes this week when they know what you
want without you saying. But in any case, it's like a smoothie/
milkshake blend: banana, ice, water, 2 oz milk (measured), and ice
cream. Yum.

5) I discosverd this over the last few days: the bean tree and pigs in
heaven by barbara kingsolver are fabulous. So is hotel on the corner
of bitter and sweet (i've been reading a lot with josh away).

Love to you all from mosquito bitten Chengdu

A :)

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